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Maintain a Peace of Mind Knowing That You Have The Surveillance of The Best Wired Security Camera System!

With crime on the rise, it's now more important than ever to have an extra layer of security! Maintain a peace of mind, knowing you have the absolute BEST wired security camera system surveilling the area & scaring pesky intruders away!
Best Wired Security Camera System
Best Wired Security Camera System

Swann - Best Resolution

Lorex - Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera

Arlo - Best DIY Wired Security Camera

Google Nest - Best Indoor Wired Security Camera

Ring - Best Alexa Compatible Wired Security Camera System

Although wireless security cameras have gained popularity for their convenience, it's crucial to recognize that hard-wired security cameras surpass them in terms of reliability, providing a higher level of assurance for effective surveillance. With wired cameras, you never have to worry about battery life or recharging, providing a continuous and uninterrupted surveillance solution.

Experience peace of mind after installation with wireless security cameras, as they eliminate the hassle of frequent maintenance and battery replacements. Nonetheless, it's important to recognize that wired cameras may present certain drawbacks, particularly during the installation process, requiring careful consideration for optimal functionality.

For plug-in cameras, proximity to an electrical outlet is essential, while cameras that connect to a recorder require running Ethernet cables throughout your home, which can be challenging. Despite these installation hurdles, many individuals find that the benefits of wired cameras outweigh these drawbacks.

In this guide, we will present the top contenders for wired security camera systems. Our selection process involved a thorough assessment of numerous options to ensure that we provide you with the best choices available. But before we dive into the recommendations, let's take a moment to explain our testing process, giving you a better understanding of how we arrived at our conclusions.

1. Swann - The Best Resolution Security Camera πŸ“Ί

Swann - The Best Resolution Security Camera

Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 4 Camera, 1080p Full HD Video, Indoor or Outdoor Wired Surveillance CCTV, Color Night Vision, Heat Motion Detection, LED Lights, 845804

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Overview πŸ”

Swann: A Trusted Name in Home Security with Unique Camera Lineup.

When it comes to ensuring the security of your home, Swann stands out as a trusted and reliable brand Swann's extensive lineup of security cameras provides a diverse array of options tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a suitable choice for every situation.

Delving deeper into the offerings, it's essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of Swann's cameras to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and expectations.

PROS βœ…

βœ”οΈEasy Setup Options
βœ”οΈFree Local Storage
βœ”οΈSmartphone Controls
βœ”οΈTrue Detect Heat and Motion Sensing
βœ”οΈHuge Selection of Cameras
βœ”οΈWireless, Wired, and Wire-Free Models Available
βœ”οΈWell-Established Company


❌ Easy to Get Overwhelmed by Options
❌ Wireless Connections Prone to Interference
❌ Subscription Required for Cloud Storage
❌ Build Quality Could Be Improved

Swann, as a manufacturer and seller of its own security equipment, offers several advantages to consumers. One significant benefit is that there is no middleman involved, allowing Swann to pass on the cost savings directly to the consumer. This means that customers can potentially obtain high-quality security equipment at more affordable prices compared to other brands.

Another advantage of Swann camera systems is their DIY installation feature. This means that individuals who are comfortable with setting up their own security systems can save on installation costs by easily installing the cameras themselves. DIY installation can be a convenient option for tech-savvy individuals or those who prefer to have control over the installation process.

Swann also offers a diverse range of wired and wireless cameras, catering to various customer needs and preferences. With a wide selection available at different price points, consumers have the flexibility to choose cameras that align with their specific budget and requirements.

In terms of pricing, Swann's individual camera prices range from $59.99 to $399.99. This price range ensures that customers can find options that fit within their budget, whether they need basic or more advanced camera features. Additionally, Swann offers security camera systems that include multiple cameras and channels. These systems are available from $179.99 for a two-camera, four-channel system to $2,299.99 for a comprehensive 16-camera, 16-channel system.

However, it's important to note that Swann's offerings have some limitations. While they excel in self-installation options, professional installation or monitoring services are not available directly from Swann. Customers who require professional installation or monitoring may need to explore other providers or options to meet their specific needs.

Overall, Swann's direct-to-consumer approach, cost savings, DIY installation, and wide range of camera options make them an appealing choice for individuals seeking affordable and customizable security solutions.

2. Lorex - The Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera 🌲

Lorex - The Best Outdoor Wired Security Camera

Outdoor Bullet Cameras with Motion Detection, Color Night Vision & Smart Home Compatibility, 2TB 8 Channel Wired DVR, 8 Cameras

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Overview πŸ”

Lorex cameras are renowned for their powerful professional-grade capabilities, making them a top choice in the market.

They offer wired HD video camera systems with up to 4K resolution, night vision, cloud connectivity, and user-friendly apps. These feature-rich systems allow for simultaneous recording and playback from multiple streams.

One notable offering from Lorex is their new 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera, featuring motion-activated dual LED floodlights, a warning siren, and two-way talk functionality through the Lorex Home app. This enhanced floodlight system effectively deters intruders and provides convenient control for users.

However, similar to other brands, firmware updates can occasionally lead to problems for Lorex cameras. It's important for users to be aware of these potential issues and address them accordingly.

Despite this, Lorex stands out for its superior hardware quality compared to other systems on the market. Overall, Lorex cameras excel in their advanced features, wired options, and high-quality hardware. They provide powerful security solutions for professionals and offer a range of features to enhance surveillance capabilities.

PROS βœ…

βœ”οΈ Long History in the Home Security Industry
βœ”οΈ Lots of Equipment and Bundling Options
βœ”οΈ Long-Range Color Night Vision
βœ”οΈ HD Video Quality (4K in Some Models)
βœ”οΈ No Contracts or Monthly Fees
βœ”οΈ Smooth App Experience
βœ”οΈ Up to 1 Terabyte of Internal Storage


❌ Limited Customer Service Hours
❌ Occasional False Notifications
❌ Lorex Website Is Hard to Navigate

Lorex's Nocturnal series comprises some of their finest wired cameras, known for their exceptional night vision capabilities, durable hardware, and advanced security features. Let's take a closer look at the features and prices of these models.

Nocturnal cameras offer superb night vision, ensuring clear and detailed surveillance footage even in low-light conditions. This feature enhances the overall effectiveness of the cameras in capturing critical details during nighttime monitoring.

The cameras in the Nocturnal series are built with rugged hardware, making them durable and suitable for various environmental conditions. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Along with their robust hardware, Nocturnal cameras come equipped with sophisticated security features. These features enhance the overall security of the premises, allowing for proactive monitoring and quick response to potential threats.

In terms of pricing, specific details about individual models and their prices would provide a more accurate breakdown of the costs associated with the Nocturnal series.

Lorex's Nocturnal cameras are specifically designed for outdoor use, offering impressive features such as up to 4K resolution, exceptional night vision ranges, and weatherproof construction. These cameras surpass the industry standard by providing up to 150 feet of night vision, even in complete darkness.

The zooming capabilities of Nocturnal cameras are remarkable, offering up to eight times optical zoom along with digital zoom. This feature enables users to easily identify finer details like license plates, enhancing overall surveillance effectiveness.

Lorex's continuous recording feature with motion-activated alerts eliminates the need to choose between continuous or motion-activated recordings, providing a comprehensive security solution. The brand is known for its reputation for delivering reliable and dependable camera systems.

While Nocturnal camera systems offer advanced capabilities, they come with a higher price tag. Starting at around $700 for a four-camera system, they are considered one of the more expensive options within the Lorex lineup. However, occasional deals and sales from Lorex may help offset some of the costs.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, Lorex's Fusion product line combines wired and wireless cameras into a single system. This allows users to strategically place wired cameras outdoors, where interference is more likely while utilizing wireless cameras in appropriate locations. Fusion systems often offer a four-camera setup for less than $500, delivering excellent video quality (up to 2K), both color and infrared night vision, and smart motion detection.

In summary, Lorex's Nocturnal cameras provide advanced outdoor surveillance capabilities with high resolution, extensive night vision, and impressive zooming abilities. While they come with a higher price point, Lorex's Fusion line offers a more affordable option without compromising on video quality and essential features.

3. Arlo - The Best DIY Wired Security Camera 🧩

Arlo - The Best DIY Wired Security Camera

Wireless Security, 1080p Video, Color Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Wire-Free, Direct to WiFi No Hub Needed, Works with Alexa, White - VMC2330

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Overview πŸ”

Arlo, known as a prominent provider of wireless security cameras, also offers wired camera options.

Their wired cameras, specifically the Arlo Essential Indoor series, are highly convenient to install as they simply require plugging in.

However, it's important to note that Arlo does not currently offer wired outdoor cameras in their product lineup.

PROS βœ…

βœ”οΈ 160-degree Field of Vision
βœ”οΈ No Contracts Required
βœ”οΈ Super HD 2K Video on some models
βœ”οΈ DIY Installation (100 percent Wireless)
βœ”οΈ Noise Cancellation
βœ”οΈ Third-Party Integration
βœ”οΈ Well-Built Equipment
βœ”οΈ Color Night Vision


❌ Smart Hub Requires Ethernet Connection
❌ Lacking Advanced Security Features
❌ Recording Delay Issues
❌ Considerable Up-front Cost
❌ Limited Home Automation
❌ Occasionally Buggy

Arlo cameras offer excellent portability, making them ideal for apartment dwellers or similar living situations where mobility is important. The installation process for both Arlo wired and wireless cameras is effortless due to the comprehensive installation kits provided.

Arlo wired cameras provide basic smart features, including remote control through the mobile app, HD video quality, smart alerts, and compatibility with popular third-party devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Stringify. However, it's worth noting that Arlo cameras are not the most budget-friendly option in the market.

The Arlo Essential model is priced at $99.99, which aligns with the industry average. However, costs can escalate quickly if wireless outdoor cameras are added to the setup, starting at $129.99 per camera. Arlo also offers Smart Plans for video recording storage, with prices ranging from $2.99 to $14.99 per month, depending on the chosen plan and whether continuous or motion-based recording is desired.

One of Arlo's strengths is its flexibility, as users can mix and match wired and wireless cameras to suit their specific needs. Wired cameras may be more suitable for certain installation locations, while wireless, battery-powered cameras excel in other areas. This allows for optimal monitoring, even in challenging locations. Arlo offers a wide range of wire-free cameras that complement their wired counterparts effectively.

In summary, Arlo cameras stand out for their portability and ease of movement, making them convenient for apartment living. The wired models offer basic smart features and seamless integration with third-party devices. While Arlo cameras are not the most affordable option, the ability to mix and match wired and wireless cameras adds versatility to the system.

4. Google Nest - The Best Indoor Wired Security Camera 🏠

Google Nest - The Best Indoor Wired Security Camera

Easily check in from anywhere 24/7 with 1080p HDR video[1] with night vision, and see what you missed with 3 hours of free event video history

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Overview πŸ”

Experience advanced home security with Google Nest. Our exceptional cameras offer more than just basic features.

With 1080p HD video and night vision, you can keep an eye on your home around the clock.

Stay connected wherever you are using the mobile app and live streaming video. Plus, Nest provides a range of home automation equipment to enhance your security system.

However, it's important to note that some users have expressed concerns about Nest's customer support.

Despite this, Google Nest Cam remains a top choice for those seeking comprehensive home security solutions. Discover the pros and cons of Google Nest Cam below.

PROS βœ…

βœ”οΈ Long battery life
βœ”οΈ Simple setup and installation
βœ”οΈ Exceptional design
βœ”οΈ Plenty of features
βœ”οΈ Great UI in the app


❌ No color night vision
❌ Resolution just average
❌ Somewhat pricey

Discover the remarkable Nest camera system that has captured the hearts of countless owners with its cutting-edge technology and seamless integration capabilities.

Nest offers a host of impressive features, including a 24/7 live video feed, mobile alerts, stunning 1080p HD resolution, a convenient 3-hour snapshot history, reliable night vision, two-way talk functionality, and much more. While Nest's wired cameras are a recent addition to its lineup, they offer features similar to the highly acclaimed Nest Cam IQ models that are no longer available.

This means that if you've heard about the exceptional performance of Nest Cam IQs, you can expect nothing less from the new cameras.

The wired indoor cameras are attractively priced at just $99.99 each, while the outdoor wired camera takes the form of a floodlight-equipped security camera, retailing for $279.99. However, by opting for a bundle, you can enjoy significant savings compared to purchasing each component separately.

Furthermore, expanding your Nest Cam system is a breeze as you can easily incorporate third-party Z-Wave-compatible products. Be sure to explore our comprehensive Google Nest Cam review, which will soon be updated with all the latest information on Nest's exciting new camera lineup.

5. Ring - The Best Alexa Compatible Wired Security Camera System πŸ—£

Ring - The Best Alexa Compatible Wired Security Camera System

1080p HD security camera with motion-activated LED floodlights, Two-Way Talk and Audio+, 3D Motion Detection, HDR, and a built-in 110 dB security siren

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Overview πŸ”

Ring, the renowned brand known for catching porch pirates in the act on YouTube, offers a diverse range of video doorbells and cameras suitable for every corner of your home.

From wired options like the wired Spotlight Cam and Floodlight Cam to the versatile wired mountable indoor camera, and the ever-reliable classic wired Stick Up Cam for desktops and shelves, Ring has you covered.

What sets Ring apart is its commitment to flexibility and convenience. With no contracts to worry about, you have the freedom to choose the cameras that best fit your needs.

However, for those looking to enhance their experience even further, Ring offers an optional Ring Protect Plan starting at $3.99 per month. By subscribing to this plan, you not only gain additional features and benefits but also have the opportunity to save 10 percent on select cameras.

Whether you want to keep a watchful eye on your porch, illuminate your outdoor spaces, monitor indoor activities, or simply have a reliable camera for your desk or shelf, Ring provides the ideal solution.

With its extensive lineup and the option to enhance your coverage through the Ring Protect Plan, you can feel confident in your home's security while enjoying the convenience and peace of mind that Ring brings.

PROS βœ…

βœ”οΈ User-Friendly Mobile App
βœ”οΈ Highly Customizable Settings
βœ”οΈ Infrared Night Vision
βœ”οΈ Easy DIY Installation
βœ”οΈ Two-Way Talk
βœ”οΈ Live Video Streaming
βœ”οΈ Wireless models available
βœ”οΈ 1080p HD Video
βœ”οΈ Works Well With Alexa
βœ”οΈ Designed for Indoors or Outdoors
βœ”οΈ Motion-Activated Notifications


❌ Equipment Costs Can Add Up
❌ Available in U.S. and Canada
❌ Occasional Missed Motion
❌Professional Monitoring Only
❌ No Advanced Video Resolutions (2K or 4K)

Discover the incredible versatility and advanced features offered by the Ring indoor/outdoor wired cameras. Available in both white and black, these cameras are equipped with built-in speakers, a wide-angle lens, night vision, and a siren, and boast exceptional clarity with their 1080p HD video.

Setting itself apart, the Floodlight Cams offers a unique feature: the option to choose from premium colors such as dark bronze and graphite, adding a touch of elegance to your security setup.

While the wired Spotlight Cam and Floodlight Cams are priced between $229.99 and $249.99 per camera, they provide unparalleled performance and features that justify their value. On the more affordable side, the wired Stick Up Cam is priced at $129.99, while the wired Indoor Cam is available for just $59.99.

Ring understands that cost can be a consideration, which is why they offer 0% financing with flexible payment options of up to 12 months. Additionally, they provide discounted pricing on multi-camera bundles, encouraging customers to expand their security coverage while enjoying significant savings.

But it's not just about the hardware with Ring; their commitment to delivering a seamless monitoring experience extends to their software. The Ring app is known for its exceptional user-friendliness and offers a plethora of customization options, ensuring you have full control over your camera settings. Moreover, Ring cameras seamlessly integrate with Alexa, the popular AI voice assistant, allowing you to effortlessly command your Ring devices and even stream live video to an Alexa smart display.

Lastly, Ring offers affordable cloud storage options for its cameras. For just $3 per month, you can store videos from a single camera for 60 days, or for $10 per month, you can store videos from an unlimited number of Ring cameras installed in your home. This ensures that you can always access and review important footage when needed.

In conclusion, Ring not only delivers top-notch hardware with its wired cameras but also provides a comprehensive software experience, compatibility with Alexa, and affordable cloud storage options. Choose Ring for a reliable, customizable, and cost-effective security camera solution.

What To Look For Before Buying The Wired Security Camera System! πŸ‘€

Wired security camera systems provide an effective means of monitoring and protecting your home or business. With a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the right wired security camera system can be overwhelming. This buying guide aims to simplify the process by highlighting key factors to consider when purchasing a wired security camera system.

Purpose and Coverage Area:

Determine the purpose of your security camera system. Are you looking to monitor the exterior of your property, specific entry points, or both? Assess the coverage area to determine the number of cameras you need and their optimal placement.

Camera Resolution:

Resolution is crucial as it determines the image and video quality. Look for cameras with at least 1080p (Full HD) resolution for clear and detailed footage. Higher resolution options, such as 4K, offer even better clarity but may come at a higher price

The Camera Type:

Consider the different camera types available and choose one that suits your needs:

1. Bullet Cameras: Ideal for outdoor use, they are weatherproof and can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings.
2. Dome Cameras: Suitable for indoor use, they offer a discreet and sleek design, making them less noticeable.
3. PTZ Cameras: Provide pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, allowing you to remotely control the camera's movement for enhanced coverage.

Night Vision:

Ensure your wired security camera system has reliable night vision capabilities. Look for cameras equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs that provide clear imaging even in low-light or complete darkness. Consider the range of the night vision, as it varies among different camera models.

Field of View (FOV):

The FOV determines the area captured by the camera. Consider both the horizontal and vertical angles to ensure optimal coverage. Wider angles may sacrifice some details, while narrower angles provide more focused views

Storage and Recording:

Decide how you want to store and access your camera footage:

1. Local Storage: Some wired security camera systems support local storage through DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) or NVRs (Network Video Recorders). Choose one that offers ample storage capacity and supports remote access.
2. Cloud Storage: Opt for systems that provide cloud storage options, allowing you to access and store footage remotely. However, be mindful of any associated subscription costs.

Wired Connectivity:

Wired security camera systems rely on cables for power and data transmission. Check the length of the cables provided and ensure they are sufficient to connect the cameras to the central recording device or network. Consider the type of cable (e.g., coaxial, Ethernet) and its compatibility with your setup.

Remote Access and Mobile App:

Look for systems that offer remote access through a mobile app or web portal. These features enable you to monitor your cameras, receive alerts, and view footage in real time from anywhere. Ensure the app is user-friendly and compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

Motion Detection and Alerts:

Motion detection capabilities allow the cameras to automatically start recording when movement is detected. Consider systems with adjustable sensitivity settings to minimize false alarms. Look for the option to receive push notifications or email alerts when motion is detected.

Additional Features:

Explore additional features that may enhance your security system:

1. Two-Way Audio: Enables communication through the camera, useful for interacting with visitors or deterring potential intruders.
2. Advanced Analytics: Some systems offer intelligent analytics, such as facial recognition or object tracking, providing enhanced security and convenience.

Brand Reputation and Customer Support:

Research reputable brands are known for their quality and reliability. Read customer reviews and check.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) When Looking For The Best Wired Security Camera System? πŸ’­

Q1: What is a wired security camera system?

A wired security camera system is a surveillance solution that consists of cameras connected to a central recording device using physical cables. These systems typically offer higher reliability and video quality compared to wireless alternatives

Q2: What are the advantages of a wired security camera system?

Wired security camera systems offer several advantages, including:
Reliable connection: Wired systems are not susceptible to interference or signal loss, ensuring a stable connection.
Higher video quality: With a dedicated cable connection, wired cameras can transmit high-definition video without compression or degradation.
Enhanced security: Wired systems are not vulnerable to hacking or unauthorized access like wireless systems.
Power supply: Wired cameras can draw power directly from the cables, eliminating the need for separate power sources or batteries

Q3: Are wired security camera systems difficult to install?

Installing a wired security camera system requires some technical knowledge and basic wiring skills. It involves running cables from the cameras to the recording device and connecting them properly. However, many wired systems come with detailed installation instructions and support, making the process manageable for most DIY enthusiasts.

Q4: How much storage capacity do I need for a wired security camera system?

The storage capacity required depends on factors such as the number of cameras, resolution, and desired retention period for recorded footage. Generally, it is recommended to have a large-capacity hard drive or network-attached storage (NAS) device to ensure sufficient storage space for your needs.

Time To Wire Up & Surveil The Area! πŸ”Œ

Wired security cameras offer a range of advantages, including stability, reliability, and simplicity. These features make them an excellent choice for individuals seeking a straightforward and no-frills surveillance solution, both for residential and commercial purposes. Unlike wireless IP cameras, hardwired security cameras may have fewer advanced features, which can be advantageous for those who prioritize ease of use and consistent performance.

In commercial settings, wired security cameras have proven their benefits and continue to be widely embraced. Their stability and reliability make them a preferred option, ensuring consistent monitoring and surveillance without the potential drawbacks associated with wireless connections. The simplicity of wired systems is particularly appealing in commercial environments where straightforward and efficient surveillance is paramount.
While wired security cameras excel in commercial contexts, it is important to note that wireless IP cameras have gained popularity among individuals seeking home security, pet monitoring, or nanny cams. These wireless options offer greater flexibility and convenience for these specific applications, catering to the needs and preferences of homeowners and pet owners who prioritize ease of installation and mobility.

In conclusion, the stability, reliability, and simplicity of wired security cameras make them a compelling choice for those who value consistent performance and a straightforward surveillance experience. However, it is essential to consider specific needs and preferences when deciding between wired and wireless options, as wireless IP cameras may better align with the requirements of home security, pet monitoring, and nanny cam applications.