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Hire FREE Front Door Security With The Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription! πŸ›‘

Ready to hire yourself the BEST front door security for FREE! These are the best doorbell cameras that not only protect your door, but they also protect your wallets by being subscription free!
Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription
Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription

Do you feel uneased when a delivery person comes to your door? Or do strange unknown cars pull up in front of your house and worry you? A doorbell camera might just be the solution to all these worries.

A top-notch doorbell camera provides high-quality video and two-way audio and often includes features like motion detection and night vision. You can see who's there, whether it's a visitor, a delivery person, or an unexpected intruder, all from your smartphone. Plus, they don’t require pricey subscriptions for cloud storage.

We have compiled some of the best quality doorbell cameras without requiring any monthly fees – so no matter your budget, you can find a dependable and easy-to-install device to keep an eye on things happening in your yard and doorstep even when you're away.

Quick Pick Section




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Eufy Video Doorbell Camera

0.2 Pounds


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Eufy S200 Video Doorbell Camera

0.43 Pounds


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AOSU Video Doorbell Camera

1.23 Pounds


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MUBVIEW Doorbell Camera

0.94 Pounds


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WUUK Video Doorbell Camera

2.01 Pounds


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The 5 Absolute BEST Doorbell Cameras Without Subscription & Why We Chose Them! πŸ’–

Even with the quick pick cheat sheet above, it's also good to know why we chose the 5 BEST subscription-free doorbell cameras found below ⬇

1. Eufy Video Doorbell Camera -
Our Favorite Doorbell Camera Without Subscription Choice, That Happens to Also be the BEST! πŸ₯‡

Top Pick For Overall BEST Camera

2K image resolution, Compatible with Alexa

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The Eufy video doorbell camera is a superb gadget that performs beyond our expectations, and it has the happiest users. Its 2K image resolution provides a transparent view that promises unparalleled clarity. The hardwired battery is a noteworthy feature, ensuring that the device stays powered, ready to capture all the action on your porch.

Its advanced HDR technology further enhances image quality, giving you an unmatched visual experience. Moreover, this wired video doorbell is built with two-way audio, letting you communicate directly with whoever is at your door, providing an added layer of ease and security.

The smart AI technology integrated into the system adds a sophisticated layer of protection that smartly detects body shapes and face patterns, assuring high accuracy in identifying visitors. Besides, it boasts compatibility with Google Alexa, allowing seamless integration with your existing smart home setup. With its 4:3 clear view and a head-to-toe perspective, no detail is missed.

As a whole, the Eufy ring doorbell camera truly stands out with its emphasis on no hidden costs, making it a cost-effective solution that respects your wallet while offering top-notch security.

β‡₯ Key Specs πŸ”‘

  • Video Quality - 2k
  • Weight - 0.2 Pounds
  • Compatible with Alexa - Yes

⇏ Pros & Cons βœ”βœ–


  • Great picture quality, even at night
  • Fast motion detection
  • 8 Fun and holiday-themed ringtones


  • Motion detection needs improvement

2. Eufy S200 Video Doorbell Camera -
The Best Runner Up to Compete with the BEST! πŸ₯ˆ

Best Runner Up Doorbell Camera

120-day battery life, 1080p resolution

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The Eufy S200 doorbell chime proves that convenience and affordability don't necessarily have to mean a bargain on quality. Its stellar performance starts with its superior and speedy Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring that users won't miss a beat when it comes to securing their homes.

It boasts a 120-day battery life, outperforming many rivals in the market and providing peace of mind for months on end. Although the 1080p resolution may be a notch lower than the 2K offered by other Eufy models, it still delivers crisp, clear visuals.

Eufy's S200 doesn't require a subscription for cloud storage as it stores the recorded video on a local SD card. The 120Β° horizontal and 90Β° vertical field of view provides ample coverage, ensuring that no blind spots are left unchecked. Plus, it is not only slim and sleek in design, but it's also incredibly easy to set up in existing doorbell wiring.

β‡₯ Key Specs πŸ”‘

  • Video Quality - 1080p
  • Weight - 0.43 Pounds
  • Compatible with Alexa - Yes

⇏ Pros & Cons βœ”βœ–


  • battery powered
  • Quick response time
  • Advanced AI features


  • App can be difficult to use for some users

3. AOSU Video Doorbell Camera -
The Doorbell Camera That Lasts Longer Than the Rest with its Prime Battery Life πŸ”‹πŸ˜

Premium Battery Life Camera

166Β° field of view, 180 day battery life 

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The AOSU smart doorbell camera is a game-changer in the realm of home security. This doorbell camera's impressive battery life is the cherry on top. It can last up to 180 days on a single charge, making it a low-maintenance addition to any home.

Its 5MP UHD camera provides an impressive 40% improvement over the standard 2K resolution. The image clarity is superb, with an advanced ultra-clear optical glass lens capturing every minute detail.

One of the appreciable features of this doorbell is its vast 166Β° field of view, and triple motion detection zones significantly reduce blind spots, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your front porch and beyond.

The 60 days loop recording feature is another notable aspect, offering a generous amount of storage directly to the HomeBase via its built-in 8GB memory. It not only adds convenience but also eliminates the need for a monthly fee, making the doorbell camera a cost-effective solution for home security.

β‡₯ Key Specs πŸ”‘

  • Video Quality - 2k
  • Weight - 1.23 Pounds
  • Compatible with Alexa - Yes

⇏ Pros & Cons βœ”βœ–


  • High-quality night vision
  • 180-day battery life
  • Compatible with google assistant


  • Quite expensive

4. MUBVIEW Doorbell Camera -
The Best Budget Doorbell Camera πŸ’Έ

Best Affordable Doorbell Camera

2.4GHz WiFi connectivity, customizable motion zone

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Well, Mubview wireless video doorbell proves itself as a top-tier choice for home security systems, presenting a unique blend of functionality, innovation, and a user-friendly interface. Its standout feature, which we like, is its voice changer, which offers an unmatched sense of security, particularly for vulnerable groups like children, the elderly, and females living alone.

Furthermore, the camera's technical capabilities are impressive. With its 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity, adjustable sensitivity, and customizable motion zone, the doorbell offers a high degree of flexibility.

You can tailor the system to their specific needs, resulting in enhanced protection and reduced false alarms. Its 120-degree viewing angle and 1080P resolution ensure a clear, broad view of the surroundings, making it a reliable sentry for the home, rain or shine.

β‡₯ Key Specs πŸ”‘

  • Video Quality - 1080p
  • Weight - 0.94 Pounds
  • Compatible with Alexa - No

⇏ Pros & Cons βœ”βœ–


  • Weather-resistant design
  • Responsive motion alerts
  • Affordable video doorbell


  • Resolution is quite less

5. WUUK Video Doorbell Camera -
The Most Easy to Install Doorbell Camera 🧩

The Most Easy To Setup Cam

4:3 head-to-toe view, 2K HDR camera

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This doorbell camera offers considerable savings, with similar services often charging at least $39.9 annually. Like other video doorbells we have reviewed, Its prominent feature is its no-subscription requirement, an enormous relief for those weary of recurring cloud storage costs that can quickly add up.

The doorbell's impressive technical capabilities are equally noteworthy. The 2K HDR camera offers a 4:3 head-to-toe view, ensuring broad surveillance of the front door area. The high-contrast IR night vision feature allows for clear images even in low-light conditions.

It is equipped with two-way audio for effortless communication and is easily controlled via a mobile phone app. The installation process is simple and convenient, requiring only a 5-minute setup with no need for drilling or doorbell wiring. Besides, It boasts a durable battery life, lasting an average of 2-3 months per charging cycle.

β‡₯ Key Specs πŸ”‘

  • Video Quality - 2k
  • Weight - 2.01 Pounds
  • Compatible with Alexa - Yes

⇏ Pros & Cons βœ”βœ–


  • Comprehensive viewing angle
  • Ample local storage
  • Easy installation process


  • Flimsy

What To Look For Before Before Buying A Doorbell Camera Without Subscription πŸ‘€

Make sure to look out for these 7 must-have features:

⇨ Resolution πŸ“Ί

In the first place, consider the camera resolution.

A higher resolution means more transparent pictures, so aim for a doorbell camera offering at least 1080p.

Well, there are also plenty of options out there with 2k resolution, and they will give you the clarity you need to differentiate between human faces, animal faces, and objects.

⇨ Two-Way Audio πŸ—£

This feature enables you to communicate with whoever is at your door, no matter where you are.

It's beneficial for telling delivery personnel where to leave packages or to deter potential intruders by letting them know you're aware of their presence.

⇨ Motion Detection πŸ’¨

The LAPD reported that neighborhoods with video doorbells experienced a 50% decrease in burglaries compared to those without such security measures.

So, always go for a camera with flexible motion detection settings.

This allows you to dictate which movements should trigger the camera, reducing the number of false alarms.

⇨ Night Vision 🌚

You don't want to be stuck in a scenario where your doorbell camera is not able to record at night.
- Therefore, it's essential to pick a model that can record even in low-light conditions.

Intrusions often occur under cover of darkness, so having a camera that can capture clear images in low-light conditions is crucial.

⇨ Weather Proof β˜”

Your front door is constantly exposed to different weather conditions, and a good video doorbell should be able to withstand them.

Look for ring doorbells that are rated for both hot and cold weather and that have a water-resistant rating of at least IP65.

⇨ Cloud Storage ☁

While you're specifically looking for a doorbell camera without a subscription, it's worth noting if the camera offers optional cloud storage.

Typically the majority of subscription-free video cameras store videos on their own sd card.
- But that doesn't mean they didn't offer cloud storage subscriptions.

Well, they do, but the expense of using it continuously would accumulate and may eventually amount to the cost of the doorbell camera itself within a few years.

⇨ Power Source ⚑

Undeniably, wired cameras are generally more reliable, as they draw power directly from your home.
- However, wireless models offer more flexibility in placement and are simpler to install.

But be careful while selecting a video doorbell camera, as many wireless security cameras often have pretty lousy performance when it comes to battery life, so you may need to have a standby battery pack ready.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) When Looking For Subscription Free Doorbell Cameras? πŸ’­

Here are 4 of the most frequently asked questions from home-owners:

❓⇒ How Does Motion Detection Work in a Doorbell Camera?

Motion detection triggers the camera to record or send an alert when it senses movement. Advanced models like EufyCam allow you to customize the settings so that only certain types of motions trigger the camera.

❓⇒ Does a Doorbell Camera Work in the Dark?

Yes, most doorbell cameras come with night vision capabilities. This feature allows the camera to capture clear images even in low-light conditions, offering security and peace of mind around the clock.

❓⇒ What Should be the Area of View for a Doorbell Camera?

Ideally, a doorbell camera should have a field of view of at least 160 degrees. This provides a wide viewing angle, covering more area and reducing blind spots around your entrance.

❓⇒ If There's no Subscription, Where Does the Footage Go?

Ring video doorbell without subscriptions typically store footage locally, either on a built-in memory or an external SD card. Some models also offer optional cloud storage for a fee if you want to back up your videos online.

Conclusion - These are Better Than Ring Doorbells! 😲

All in all, video doorbell without subscription is an excellent choice for anyone looking to secure their home at a reasonable price. While the features may vary from model to model, they offer great coverage, enhanced motion detection, and local storage. Plus, with no contracts or subscriptions to worry about, they prove to be a much more cost-effective security solution than other alternatives. So, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable doorbell camera, then you should definitely consider investing in one of the discussed above!

Thanks for reading!

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